Douglas Pietrowski

Watch as Douglas Pietrowski shares the impact and importance of his Hampton Proton care team from his first visit through to his graduation day.

Charles “Bob” Glisson

Bob Glisson, a prostate cancer patient, shares his journey, the benefits of his treatment and how he formed an unbreakable bond with his dedicated healthcare team at the Hampton University […]

Thomas Jones

Thomas reflects on his experience with Hampton Proton after being diagnosed with prostate cancer and how he is now helping others on their journey as a Hampton Proton Ambassador.

James Dallas

At the time of James Dallas’ prostate cancer diagnosis, he was faced with deciding how he wanted to receive treatment. He was given options that included surgery and conventional radiation […]

Billy Pulliam

Billy Pulliam, a 2020 Hampton Proton Graduate and Prostate Cancer Survivor from Williamsburg, shares his story about being treated using proton therapy. “I’m so glad I could get proton therapy […]

Kevin Holmes

Kevin Holmes received proton therapy treatments at the Hampton University Proton Cancer Institute (Hampton Proton) after being diagnosed with prostate cancer at the age of 54. Holmes, who is from […]

Dave Lum

After five years of a slowly increasing PSA and a number of biopsies, I was notified on September 16, 2010 that cancerous cells were detected. I had read and conducted […]

Stuart Goodman

Back in June of 2016, I had a high PSA and my doctor recommended a biopsy; prostate cancer was discovered during that biopsy. When I was diagnosed, I was devastated. […]