About Hampton Proton

About Hampton Proton

Hampton University Proton Cancer Institute (Hampton Proton) began with a vision. After the instillation of the first proton cancer treatment institute in 1990, rumblings of the therapy’s success reached Hampton University president, Dr. William R. Harvey. Upon learning more about the treatment from a Hampton University alumnus, he assembled a team to assess the feasibility of what would become the largest free-standing proton therapy facility in the world.

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Hampton Proton History

Hampton University’s outstanding medical physics program, strong ties to the nearby Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility and longstanding relationship with the local cancer treatment community made it uniquely suited to become home to our nation’s eighth proton therapy treatment center. Engineered to be an environment where science and compassion meet, Hampton Proton’s advanced technologies and incredible, passionate staff continues to work together to bring patients and their families the very best in focused cancer care.

Dr. Christopher Sinesi Discusses Side Effects

A Message From the Medical Director

“Proton therapy centers offer a number of clear advantages for cancer treatment, but because of the complexity of the equipment, the extraordinary size of the building and radiation shielding, they are also quite costly. In fact, they are far too expensive for most cities and medical centers to handle. However, thanks to the vision and perseverance of Dr. Harvey, the driving force behind the center since its inception, Hampton Roads has joined a small, elite group of cities that offers this vitally important cancer therapy.”

Christopher Sinesi, MD
Medical Director, Hampton Proton