About Human Resources

We put the “Human” in Human Resources! We are passionate about the employees at Hampton Proton. Our purpose is to serve the stakeholders, encourage professional growth, and uplift employee morale through appreciation and engagement. Our skills include, but are not limited to:

  • Recruiting & Onboarding
  • Benefits Administrations
  • Growth & Development
  • Employee Relations
  • Performance & Promotions
  • Employee Appreciation & Retention
  • Compliance & Training
  • Resume Reviews & Job Descriptions
  • Payroll & Compensation

Working at Hampton Proton

Hampton University Proton Cancer Institute provides one of the best healthcare opportunities anywhere in our great nation, and you are a vital member to this important team. How well we accomplish our goals of conquering cancer and saving lives largely depends on your daily contributions, as Hampton Proton’s true character is reflected through the manner in which all of our patients are treated. You are an Ambassador of Hampton University Proton Cancer Institute. Only your best efforts enable us to continue to achieve excellence in everything we do.

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Our Company Values

We value the worth of all individuals and are guided by our commitment to excellence and leadership in the field of proton therapy treatment. We demonstrate our values by:

  • Working as a team to provide exemplary proton therapy cancer care for each of our patients;
  • Each employee endeavors to make every patient feel good, happy, positive and satisfied each and every day;
  • Advancing excellence in health services education
  • Fostering a culture of discovery in all of our activities and supporting exemplary health sciences research;
  • Strengthening our relationship with other universities, colleges, other health care facilities and our community; and the commitment of our physicians, staff, volunteers, students, community partners, and friends to our mission, vision, and values


Hampton University Proton Cancer Institute boasts a considerate and knowledgeable staff. To be employed by Hampton Proton requires a special type of individual – one with the conviction, compassion, and experience to provide excellence in focused cancer care.

Our employees enjoy state-of-the art equipment, as well as a beautiful facility located in Hampton, Virginia. We provide them with the most advanced technology possible so they have every tool they need to help patients. For a truly rewarding experience, don’t miss these opportunities at Hampton Proton.

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