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Marie™ Fast Facts
  • Named after Marie Curie, a pioneer in radiology
  • Designed with concern for patient comfort
  • Fixed beam and patient rotation allow for installation to be quick and easy

Key features of the Marie™ system:


Fully adjustable, to enhance patient comfort while aiding optimal treatment positioning.


Ultra-thin, tilting backrest optimizes patient posture to deliver the most accurate treatment.

CT Scanner

Scans the patient in the upright orientation to allow for accurate treatment planning and patient set-up.


Rotates 360 degrees and delivers 6 degrees of freedom for accurate and reproducible set-up.

Shin Rest

Adjustable shin rest to secure the patient during imaging and treatment.

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    Partnership and Press Conference

    Hampton Unversity Proton Cancer Institute (Hampton Proton) has entered into a unique partnership with Leo Cancer Care to help advance research into Proton Arc Therapy (PAT).

    The partnership between Hampton Proton and Leo Cancer Care will repurpose an existing fixed-beam proton therapy treatment room and install its advanced upright patient positioning system and CT scanner.


    In August 2023, members of the Hampton Proton Team traveled to the Leo Cancer Care offices in Madison, Wisc., to meet Marie for the first time.


    The Journey Continues

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    There is always a finish line

    What is Proton Therapy?

    Proton beam therapy is an advanced form of external radiotherapy that uses high-energy proton beams instead of photon x-ray beams or electrons. Protons are small particles of an atom, and a particle accelerator is used to speed up the protons to produce the beam.

    Why Proton Therapy?

    Fewer Side Effects For Patients
    More accurate targeting
    Treats hard to reach tumors
    Lower radiation exposure
    Greater planning flexibility
    Combine With Other Treatments

    Meet Our Distinguished Panel Of Speakers

    Darrell K. Williams

    Originally from West Palm Beach, Florida, Williams is a 1983 graduate and 13th president of Hampton University. He is a three-star general and retired from the U.S. Army in 2020.

    MaryBeth Sullivan

    MaryBeth Sullivan, the Hampton Unversity Proton Cancer Institute’s (Hampton Proton) executive director, is a nationally board-certified radiation therapist who completed her training and eventually worked at Massachusetts General Hospital. Dr. Keppel recruited her in 2010 to help open Hampton Proton. She returned in July 2022 to start her new position.

    Stephen Towe

    Stephen Towe is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Leo Cancer Care. Having driven the design of the Leo Cancer Care technology in Australia, Towe took over the role of CEO in 2018. Since then, Stephen has led the expansion of Leo across both the US and Europe.

    Dr. Alejandro Carabe

    Dr. Alejandro Carabe is the Chief Medical Physicist at Hampton Proton. He is a native of Seville, Spain, and has published more than 30 papers and holds several patents on proton-related and medical technology.

    Thomas ‘Rock’ Mackie

    Rock Mackie is the Board Chairman and Co-Founder of Leo Cancer Care. He is a Professor Emeritus of Medical Physics and Human Oncology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Mackie co-founded the Geometrics Corporation to develop the Pinnacle Radiotherapy Treatment Planning System (TPS), now owned by Philips Medical Corporation and once the largest-selling TPS in the world.

    Dr. Cynthia Keppel

    In November 2021, The Department of Energy’s Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility appointed Dr. Cynthia Keppel as Jefferson Lab’s Associate Director for Experimental Nuclear Physics. In this role, Keppel oversees more than 170 Jefferson Lab staff members. For her leadership during the establishment of the Hampton Unversity Proton Cancer Institute, she is considered “the mother of Hampton Proton.”