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Gloria Cox

Hampton, VA Breast Cancer Survivor
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Stuart Goodman

Owner of Goodman & Sons Jewelers Prostate Cancer Survivor
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Alfred Scott

Hampton, VA Prostate Cancer Survivor
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Dave Lum

Prostate Cancer Survivor, HUPTI graduation, April 11, 2011 Business Development (Ret.)
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Julie Olafsson

McClain, VA Brain Cancer Survivor
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The HUPTI treatment experience is as unique as our patients. Read their stories above to learn more. If you would like to learn more about the proton therapy experience at HUPTI, we’d be happy to connect you with one of our graduates who have volunteered to share their experiences and answer any of your questions.

HUPTI is committed to protecting the health and safety of our patients, visitors and employees during the COVID-19 (commonly referred to as coronavirus) pandemic.

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You’ve heard the phrases before: as comfortable as possible; as normal as possible; as effective as possible. At Hampton University Proton Therapy Institute (HUPTI), we don’t want you to live a good life considering you have cancer; we want you to live a good life, period, and be free of what others define as possible. We’re committed to the latest in cancer-fighting technologies, as well as a continued focus on excellence in patient care, designing our facility for your comfort, and building our staff to help you with anything you may need. It’s all because we believe in treating our patients as people, not problems. At HUPTI, our focus is on you.

Like many things in life, when it comes to treating your cancer, there’s not just one right way. And while there are numerous treatment options, only one offers precise and effective treatment in a noninvasive, pain free environment. See if proton therapy is right for you


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Kevin Holmes, Cancer Survivor

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Prostate Cancer Support Group

Every second Tuesday of the month for proton therapy patients and survivors. Hampton University Proton Therapy Institute, at noon. Call 757.251.6800 to register.

Gloria Cox

Gloria Cox

Breast Cancer SURVIVOR
Hampton, VA

The possibility that I had breast cancer was suggested during a doctor’s exam back in 2016. They thought they suspected something, but they weren’t totally sure. At this point, I went to have a mammogram and found out I had breast cancer. Proton therapy was presented to me by one of my sisters and then I posed questions to the Doctor myself. The Doctor did not recommend anything – he couldn’t. Yet in still he gave me some great information that proved to be very valuable.

My initial visit to the Hampton University Proton Therapy Institute (HUPTI) was awesome and very relaxing. They were so friendly and it felt like you were a part of a family. It gave me renewed hope, to be honest. I knew what was going to go on; they were very direct in explaining the process. They made it extremely easy for me to come to my final decision. I was finished within a few weeks of treatment. 

I feel great and I’m living a good life after my treatment at HUPTI. I’m breast cancer free – I had no side effects during or after. You won’t find a better treatment facility or more personalized care. I will be forever thankful to the staff at HUPTI for what they did for me.


Stuart Goodman

Owner of Goodman & Sons Jewelers

Prostate Cancer SURVIVOR

Back in June of 2016, I had a high PSA and my doctor recommended a biopsy; prostate cancer was discovered during that biopsy. When I was diagnosed, I was devastated. I thought that was a death sentence. This disease runs in my family. My uncle and my cousin both had prostate cancer and both opted for surgery – I saw firsthand what it did to them with the side effects and complications.

I thought there had to be another option. My doctors said it was surgery or regular radiation; they didn’t tell me anything about proton therapy. I did my own research and decided proton therapy was right for me.

I feel great. I had no side effects. My treatments were scheduled for early in the morning – I would go in at about 8am and be out of there in an hour or less. I didn’t miss a day of work. In fact, I didn’t miss a beat. The process was very comfortable.

I’m very grateful. Being a father, grandfather and a business owner, I wanted to continue my life with as little interruption as possible. Proton therapy afforded me that opportunity. I want to thank the Hampton University Proton Therapy Institute for the wonderful treatment I received. We’re very fortunate to have a facility like this here in Hampton.

HUTPI's Protective Measures for COVID-19


HUPTI is committed to protecting the health and safety of our patients, visitors and employees during the COVID-19 (commonly referred to as coronavirus) pandemic. Therefore, to ensure the safety of everyone, HUPTI will be asking each patient and employee about their recent travel history and if they are currently exhibiting any of the following symptoms:

  • Temperature of 100.4 F or higher
  • Coughing
  • Difficulty breathing and/or shortness of breath

If you have a high fever, cough, difficulty breathing, or shortness of breath, you should:

  • Seek medical care immediately at your local emergency room or your PCP, and
  • Contact HUPTI (Call us at 757.251.6800) before your scheduled appointment for additional instructions.

If you do not have any of these symptoms, and are a patient receiving treatment at HUPTI, we ask you to do the following:

  • Attend your appointment alone, if it is necessary for someone to accompany you, that person must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Plan to arrive at your appointment no more than 5 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time.

Reminder: All prostate patients must drink 24 oz. of water 20 minutes prior to their scheduled treatment time.

Effective immediately HUPTI will implement the following precautions:

  • Restrict incoming business or community visitors.
  • Limit and/or cancel work-related meetings and work-related social gatherings.
  • Cancel all participation at community and educational events.
  • Discontinue serving refreshments.
  • Discontinue large gatherings, including graduation celebrations.  Graduations will only consist of ringing the bell.

Protection against respiratory illnesses:

  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, especially after being in a public place and after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing.
  • If soap and water are not available, use a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth and cover your sneeze or cough in your elbow.
  • Practice social distancing by staying away from large crowds and putting at least 6 feet of distance between yourself and others.
  • Stay home when sick.
  • Wipe down and disinfect frequently.
  • Avoid handshakes and hugs.

U.S. Government response to coronavirus:

HUPTI will update this information in a continued effort to follow Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines.


Alfred Scott

Prostate Cancer SURVIVOR
Hampton, VA

In July of 2009, I received a diagnosis of prostate cancer. Because I had many friends who had issues with conventional radiation, I wanted to seek an alternative treatment. 

I decided on proton therapy at Hampton University Proton Therapy Institute (HUPTI) and I am very happy with my decision. My appointments lasted about 30 minutes per day for about eight weeks. After treatment, I would go home and work in my garden. Years later I haven’t had any after effects and I did not have to change my regular daily routine at any point. 

 I have been to every type of medical facility you can think of, but Hampton University Proton Therapy Institute stands apart from all of them. Being one of the very first patients at this facility has changed my outlook on life.

Dave Lum

10-Year Prostate Cancer SURVIVOR

2011 HUPTI Graduate

After five years of a slowly increasing PSA and a number of biopsies, I was notified on September 16, 2010 that cancerous cells were detected. I had read and conducted a lot of research on the Internet — just in case I was ever detected as positive. 

I immediately called Hampton University Proton Therapy Institute (HUPTI) and received information of the facility, as well as a guided tour. I was impressed with the facility and what it offered. I was pretty sure that this would be the treatment for me. Then I read Bob Marckini’s book, “You Can Beat Prostate Cancer,” which led me to my final decision. 

My first treatment began on February 7, 2011. All of the people that treated me were all very knowledgeable, professional, caring and friendly. Doctors Sinesi and Thornton were very impressive. Even though the facility was new and had just begun to treat patients, the doctors and staff had a lot of experience. I felt this was the A-Team attending to my care. I went to work every day during my treatment with no side effects. I am so happy I met these great people at the HUPTI.

Julie Olafsson

Julie Olafsson

Brain Cancer SURVIVOR 
McClain, VA

In 2016, I was a junior in college at Christopher Newport University. In my spring semester, I was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer, Anaplastic Ependymoma. As a 21 year old student, we looked for the best, most minimally invasive option available to treat my young brain. When we heard about Proton Therapy technology and experienced the care that Dr. Allan Thornton and the radiologist staff at Hampton University Proton Therapy Institute (HUPTI) provided, we looked no further. 

Our experience at HUPTI was unparalleled. With little to no side effects, I was able to live a “normal” life and finish school while undergoing cancer treatment – how is that possible? HUPTI made that possible. Thanks to the staff there, I was able to keep my spirits up during my darkest days. My family and I were overwhelmed daily with the level of care we received from all involved in my treatment plan. There is no better option than proton therapy, and there is certainly no better place to receive it than HUPTI! 

As I approach 5 years of remission, I look back with immense gratitude for my time at Hampton University Proton Therapy Institute. I am blessed from the experience, and forever changed. 


Harry Fotiou

Prostate Cancer Survivor, HUPTI graduation — January, 2011
Cabinet Maker (Ret.)

Never having been ill before, I was extremely apprehensive about my diagnosis and treatment. However, the first time I entered the Proton Center, I was immediately put at ease. The doctors and staff were thorough in explaining the procedure in depth. They were absolutely right about not having any side effects and I was able to continue my life as usual and with no restrictions. The only evidence was the very slight tanning of each side of my hips.

Everyone at the center from the doctors, technicians, office and maintenance and everyone was pleasant and professional. They made each day of treatment go quickly. The environment at HUPTI is exceptional! The doctors, technicians and people in every department are all very caring.


Charles Smith

Prostate Cancer Survivor

My experience with HUPTI was one of confidence building in a very caring and comfortable environment during a scary time in my life. All persons were confident, energetic and friendly during and after treatment — they were really something. The staff was very supportive and informative throughout my treatment experience. I can definitely recommend HUPTI for the treatment of cancer. Proton therapy allowed me to continue with my daily activities.


Deborah Owens

Brain Tumor Survivor,
Mother of Three

When I first received the brain tumor diagnosis, it was such a scary thing to hear. The tumor was near my optic nerve, and with conventional radiation, there was a possibility of blindness. I am a busy mother of three girls. I wanted to be able to see my daughters grow up. I wanted to be able to witness all their milestones. I researched proton therapy and when I saw the experience and expertise of the physicians and staff at the Hampton University Proton Therapy Institute, I began to feel at ease. My husband didn’t have to take off work to drive me to my treatments. I could drive myself. The only side effect I experienced was minor fatigue. I was able to maintain my busy schedule as a mother. My family didn’t see any changes. Isn’t that amazing? Proton therapy gave me normalcy and saved my eyesight.


Jenica Harrison

Oral Cancer Survivor, HUPTI Graduation — April 24, 2013
Research Scientist

Being diagnosed with cancer is a frightening and life-changing event. After being diagnosed with a form of oral cancer called intermediate grade mucoepidermoid carcinoma, I was first faced with having surgery to remove the tumor from my hard palate. My next challenge was to choose whether to undergo intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) or proton radiation therapy. I did research on both radiation technologies. I consulted with a radiation oncologist that specialized in IMRT before visiting HUPTI. My visits were very different.

At the IMRT center, I felt like I was just another patient to them, not a unique individual. However, I felt welcomed and cared for from the moment I first stepped into HUPTI. Everyone at HUPTI goes the extra mile to make patients and their family and friends feel welcomed and at ease about the radiation process. After my initial consultation, I decided to move forward with proton therapy at HUPTI because of:

1. The fact that long term side effects are less likely with proton therapy
2. The expertise, thoroughness, and friendliness of my radiation oncologist at HUPTI
3. The sincere benevolence of all the staff members at HUPTI

I will be forever grateful to HUPTI.