Internship Program

Internship Program

Internship Program Requirements

The Hampton University Proton Cancer Institute Internship Program offers a unique and dynamic learning experience for students looking to apply their academic skills in a real-world setting. Student Interns in this program will engage in hands-on projects, support daily clinical operations, gain insight into the healthcare industry, and engage with key stakeholders of our organization. This program is an excellent opportunity for students to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application, leading to personal and professional growth.

The duration of the internship varies depending on the academic program and department requirements. Eligible Student Interns will receive compensation if accepted into the program.

To be considered for Hampton Proton’s Internship Program, the following information will be required:

  • Completed Hampton Proton Internship Application and Questionnaire.
  • Proof of being currently enrolled in a program of study or a recent graduate (within 12 months) from an accredited college/university or technical/vocational institution.
  • Proof of good academic standing (unofficial transcripts are acceptable).
  • Proof of academic class schedule.
  • Recent resume and/or cover letter.
  • Applicable course syllabus if academic credit will be applied from your educational institution.

At the completion of an Internship Program, each Student Intern will be required to create a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation that will be performed in a session with other Student Interns where the mentors/supervisors will attend. Topics of discussion should be focused on the following:

  • What college/university do you attend and your major.
  • What plans do you have after graduating.
  • What was learned during the internship.
  • What tasks or projects were completed in your department.
  • What skills and abilities were developed.
  • What professional strengths and weaknesses were discovered during the internship.
  • What part of the internship was enjoyed the most.
  • What may need to be improved or included for future interns.

At the conclusion of the Internship Program, each Student Intern will receive an evaluation form completed by their mentor/supervisor. A copy is provided to the Student Intern, Educational Institution, and the Human Resources Department.


Hampton University Proton Cancer Institute Internship Program

Hampton University Proton Cancer Institute created an internship program Spring 2021 and partnered with colleges and universities to foster an initiative to support students in aligning their academic studies with real-world working success. Since then, the internship program has grown from hiring a handful of students to an upward number of 15 plus student applicants each semester. Our goal is to provide students with structured work experience and provide hands-on training and real-life exposure to the various departments within a healthcare facility. We look at the following key elements:

  1. Learning Opportunity: Interns gain real-world experience in their chosen field or industry. They have the chance to apply their classroom knowledge to practical tasks.
  2. Duration: Internships can vary in length, ranging from a few weeks to 4+ months. Most HU students are required to obtain 120 hours and upward to 250 hours for students who are furthering their education in the medical field.
  3. Supervision: Interns are usually assigned a mentor or supervisor who guides and evaluates their work, helping them learn and grow in their role.
  4. Compensation: Most are unpaid. We’d like to start offering paid internships with a stipend or hourly wage.
  5. Eligibility: Internship programs may have specific requirements, such as being a student or recent graduate in a relevant field
  6. Tasks and Responsibilities: Interns are given tasks and responsibilities that align with their education/career goals and facility needs. They may be involved in various projects, research, administrative work, or specific job functions. All students are required to provide an end of internship presentation of knowledge, skills, and abilities learned.
  7. Networking: Opportunities to build professional connections and expand one’s network within the industry.
  8. Resume Building: Successful completion of an internship can enhance a person’s resume and increase their chances of securing future employment in the field.
  9. College Credit: Academic credit for internships, allowing students to earn course credits while gaining practical experience.

Undergraduate/Graduate Internship Programs
Hampton Proton Student Intern Questionnaire
Internship Application Form

Please return your completed internship application and questionnaire along with your transcript and resume to